Lending and Borrowing of Real Assets.

Empowering Asset Diversification and Tokenization

About Culture Protocol

  • Culture Protocol, a Defi based lending and borrowing protocol, that focusses onboarding alternative assets.
  • Our Platform facilitates collateralized lending, enabling borrowers to access liquidity by locking their assets in smart contracts.
  • Our platform acts a bridge between lenders and borrowers.

Credit Societies - the same, but Sweeter

Managed Marketplace

Access to a mix of opportunities with yields generated by lending to real businesses, underwritten by professionals.

Collaterlized Lending

Lending will be facilitated after locking the collateral in the smart contracts.

Pool Delegation

Pool delegates help negotiate loan terms with borrowers, perform diligence, and liquidate collateral in the event of a default, they will earn performance fees.

Asset Tokenization

Our Platform facilitates Asset owners to convert their assets into Digital tokens. We are dedicated to onboarding Bitcoin mining companies and GPU infrastructure providers to tokenize their assets.

Redefining lending and borrowing of real world assets

Diversify Across Assets

RWA Finance

Asset Tokenization

Collateral as a Bond

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The Snowball Effect

Our bold mission is to enable global alternative assets to be on-chain with DeFi, supported by an unwavering commitment to expanding financial inclusivity.

  • Providing credit access to important driven societies
  • Driving Innovation
  • Incentivise Green Energy adoption
  • Fueling growth and development

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